Below are my strengths and the types of projects I have been a part of recently. Remember, any enthusiastic statements you can give on my performance or work habits will be appreciated. I'm under stiff competition and your reference could tip the scales in my favor.


  • Problem-solving is in my DNA!
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.


  • Act as a liaison between Product Development Team and Sales, sharing customer feedback to help craft the product roadmap.
  • Driving the discovery process, helping to align our customer's business objectives.


  • Rich Johnson
    CEO - Spark
    [email protected]
    (630) 215-4505‬ • mobile

  • David Hryszczuk
    Senior Product Manager - Fi-Tek
    [email protected]
    (773) 255-5502

  • Don Felton
    Managing Broker - Chicago's Real Estate Agency
    [email protected]
    (312) 330-7949‬ • mobile

  • Samuel Sarpiya
    CEO at Dunkuul PYT LTD
    [email protected]
    (808) 769-0831

  • Scott Lownsdale
    Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (Private Practice)
    [email protected]
    (815) 980-2449‬

  • Malik Khan
    CEO - Point Click Technologies
    (800) 670-8369
    (919) 747-6940